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What is Internet History

Your computer records your internet activities, and saves internet history to the hard drive,  these history including

Address Bar History : when you visit a website, Internet Explorer saves the website to the registry.

Cookie :   Websites place small  text files on your browser to keep track of your on-line activity.  Cookies are really useful when you want a website to auto-sign you into a registration process. These cookies are used to track you through the site.

Cache (Temporary Internet Files ) & History  Your browser saves visited web pages, and their images, to your hard drive whether you clicked on them or didn't. This is to save you from having to re-download the information on your next visit. 

Auto-complete Memory :  Internet Explorer stores a record of nearly everything that you type into any web-site form :  keywords typed into a search engine, your personal information- your name and address, and more. 

Index data file :  index data file ontains sites visited and the index of cookies .

How do I delete history myself

Address Bar History : Start Regedit to delete history entries in registry.

Cookie : in Control Panel  , click Internet Options, click General tab, click Delete Cookies. but you don't have an options to keep some useful cookies.

Cache (Temporary Internet Files ) & History in Control Panel  , click Internet Options, click General tab click Delete Files.

Auto-complete Memory : in Control Panel  , click Internet Options, click Content tab , click Auto-complete,  check  Forms, Username and password on forms, click Clear Forms, click Clear Passwords

Index data file :    Windows doesn't provide a method to delete index data file manually. Even if you clean up your cache, cookies, and history from within the Internet Explorer browser , the index data files can not be erased and will continue to store information about what web sites you have visited and what cookies have been saved.

Delete history with Tracks Eraser Pro

As we have seen above, even we can delete part of internet history manually, it's not very convenience and take long time, some history cannot be deleted manually. but with Tracks Eraser Pro, you can delete history of all the above with only  one click !

Tracks Eraser Pro deletes following history data for you:

  • Delete history of Address bar of IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera

  • Delete Cookies of IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera

  • Delete Internet cache (temporary Internet files)

  • Delete history Internet files

  • Delete history of Internet search

  • Delete history of auto-complete

  • Delete IE plug-ins (selectable)

  • Delete index data file

  • Delete history of start menu run box

  • Delete history of start menu search box 

  • Delete windows temp files

  • Delete history of open/save dialog box 

  • Empty recycle bin


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Click Here to Download  Tracks Eraser Pro 

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible
IE/Firefox/Netscape/AOL/Opera/MSN compatible



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