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Have a web site and want to make extra money ? Be our reseller or affiliate. You can get an extra income by joining our pay-per-sale program. You will receive commission 30% of products price ($8.98 per sale for Tracks Eraser Pro)! For example, somebody comes to our site from your one to download "Tracks Eraser Pro" you promote. He downloads it and, after some time (up to 2 months!), he decides to register it. Immediately when he buys it you get $8.98!

Why become a Acesoft Affiliate?
If you got 1000 downloads a day, consider a 2% registering rate (very reasonable for Tracks Eraser Pro), you will earn $5,388 a month easily!
It's easy to set up and costs you nothing to join.

How does it work?

Acesoft has a partnership with Regnow to provide our affiliates with trusted-third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks.

What if they don't purchase right away?

If you have signed up as an affiliate of us, please email sales@acesoft.net and tell us your Affiliate ID, we will make a special version with your Affiliate ID in the Buy Now button on the program. you can put this file on your website or just link to our site for this file.
If purchases are made months afterwards they are still tracked and credited to the appropriate affiliate.
Even more, if you advertised one of our products, but another product was purchased - you still receive your revenue. Contact me for details.

How do I get paid?

Once an account is established with Regnow, you can check account statistics at any time to see how much you are earning on a monthly basis. Checks are sent every month.


How can I promote Acesoft's software?

You can promote your affiliate url through banner, button or text links on your website. Additionally if you maintain an opt-in newsletter you can reference the url in it.

How do I become an Acesoft Affiliate?

Click here to go to the RegNow sign-up page for Acesoft's Affiliate Program.


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