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I am simply writing to inform you of my complete satisfaction with your product, "Track Eraser Pro." I have used this software for quite some time and have found it superior when compared to other software products. The GUI is extremely user friendly, with tremendous results; whereby, providing an extensive and thorough wipe of both internet and program resident history. Additionally, I must provide Kudos to your customer service department; whereas, they responded to a plugin request within 24 hrs - WOW!

Jack M. Peters


The best I've ever tried

Tracks Eraser Pro is fast, safe and the most efficient history and tracks erser I have ever used!


Good job!!

I found Tracks Eraser Pro to be loaded with features. From my perspective, you covered ALL the bases. I also liked the user interface. I found the program extremely easy-to-use. I've looked at a number of similiar products and yours is right up there with the best. Good job!!

Michael Marks


Works Great!
Works great and the ability to add plugins (which you can easily create) for custom erasing is a bonus. Simple but effective. I confirmed `complete' erasing with Briggs `Directory Snoop' - far better than most

Buckshee  Smith

"Brilliant !"

My Windows used to boot up with only 68% system resources free. I ran TEP and now its 88% free ! It's amazing the cak that Windows leaves behind to foul up your system, this program is like a "springclean" for your system.

Andy Randolph


I was looking for a good cleaning program and found this one to be excellent. It cleans out all the windows and media player files and even cleans out various other programs when plug-ins are enabled. Works great to clean out XP and does it quickly!

Jeff McAndrew


Best thirty bucks I ever spent

I love how the program takes up less than half of my screen. It always works perfectly. It removes your cookies along with everything else you don't need. If you ever have a page that will not close down, hit the stealth key and bam! Tracks Eraser Pro opens up and page is gone. It'll erase any and all folders in Oulook Express that you set it to as well. The customer service at Acesoft is fantastic as well. I've had them e-mail me on a sunday night. This program is user-friendly and I run it several times a day.

Dave Dinmore
Flexible than any I have tried.

I found out about this product totally by accident while surfing the net and checking out ZDNET.com. I downloaded it and saw how versatile it is and purchased it five minutes later. I have been looking for a product like this but this is far more flexible than any I have tried.

Keep up the good work!!


This application delivers what it says it will!

I've been using this program for well over a year and it has never let me down. It has a simple, user friendly GUI that can be set up to your needs. It works with "Internet Explorer" (and, although not listed, IE engine browsers), "Firefox", "Opera", "AOL" and "Netscape". It cleans up several types of temp files in "Windows" as well as left over traces from many other software programs. Although it's not shown here, it works fine with "Vista" to. It's reasonably

priced compared to some other like applications and over all, it does a very good job.




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