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Secure Delete-Why we need "secure delete" ?

Many people think that dropping a file into the Recyle Bin and then emptying the Recycle Bin is enough to get rid of a sensitive file or program or graphic, etc. No, it is not enough. The file is deleted but not overwritten. When you delete a file what actually happens is that the OS removes the reference to the file from the File Allocation Table (FAT). This reference had the details such as where on the disk the file was. So when the Operating System does not see this it marks that area of the disk as free space? but we now know that only the reference is removed, the data physically remains on the disk. Even though the data remains on the disk the OS believes it’s not there, thus the file remains on the disk until another file is created over it, and even after that it might be possible to recover data by studying the magnetic fields on the platter surface. It could easily be recovered using free or commercial software. One thing you could do to make sure the file cannot be recovered is wipe it before you "delete" it. There are a number of free and commercial programs available for that purpose.


Secure Delete--Securely Deleting Files

You have known that deleted files can be recovered. Is it possible to delete a file (and its associated files, temporary, spooler, etc.) so that it cannot be recovered? There are rumors that government agencies have the capabilities to recover data that has been overwritten as many as 21 times. From a corporate perspective, an individual will have to determine the value of his data and determine the steps that can be considered "reasonable and practical" to prevent proprietary data from being stolen or recovered by competitors or groups intent on corporate espionage. The main premise for preventing data from being recovered is to overwrite it. The question becomes how many times should it be overwritten? There are individuals that believe that overwriting data only one time is sufficient to prevent the recovery of deleted files. However, the more the data is overwritten, the less likely it becomes recoverable by any means. For a drive currently in use, it is necessary to overwrite slack space and unallocated space.

Using Tracks Eraser Pro to Secure delete  files

Tracks Eraser Pro has a Secure Erasing option, with which you can secure delete files. it overwrites files with blank characters with a set number of times, so we are confident that  once a file is deleted by Tracks Eraser Pro, the file is gone forever, no one can recover it.

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