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What's New-Tracks Eraser
  • Tracks Eraser 6.7
    Fixed a bug with Windows 7 64 bit version
    Minor bugs fixed

  • Tracks Eraser 6.6
    Fixed a bug with deleting IE 8 Address Bar on Windows 7
    Minor bugs fixed
  • Tracks Eraser 6.5
     Compatible with Windows 7
     Added support for IE 8
     Added support for Firefox 3.5
     Added support for Opera 10
     Minor bugs fixed

  • Tracks Eraser 6.0
    Add support for Firefox 3.0
    Minor bugs fixed
  • Tracks Eraser 5.2
    Fixed a bug with Vista privilege
    Other minor bugs fixed
  • Tracks Eraser 5.1
    Windows Vista fully supported
    Small bugs fixed
  • Tracks Eraser 5.0
    Internet Explorer 7 fully supported
    Added support for Opera 9
    Added support for Mozilla firefox 2
    Minor bugs fixed

  • Tracks Eraser 4.10
    Added support for Opera 8.x
    Added support for Netscape 8
    Small bugs fixed

  • Tracks Eraser 4.01

    Fixed bug with AOL 9 erasing
    Other small bugs fixed

  • Tracks Eraser 4.0
    Added support for Netscape 7.x
    Added support for Mozillia Browser
    Added support for Firefox Browser
    Added support for Opera 7.5
    Small bugs fixed

  • Tracks Eraser 3.20

    Added support for Opera 7.2
    Added support for AOL 9
    Minor bugs fixed

  • Tracks Eraser 3.12

    Added an Option for erasing Windows XP start menu recent run history
    Added support for clearing Clipboard
    Minor bugs fixed
  • Tracks Eraser 3.11

    Added support for Opera 7
    Added support for AOL 8
    Minor bugs fixed


  • Tracks Eraser 3.1

    Added support for Netscape 6.23, Netscape 7
    Added support for Opera 6.x
    Fixed a bug with keeping cookies

  • Tracks Eraser 3.05

    Added support for AOL 7.0
    Enhanced the Home Page Protection feature, now it can fix most of the problems this kind
    Added support to Office XP
    Help File modified
    Logo and Icon changed
    Small bugs fixed


  • Tracks Eraser 3.03

    Added  Bosskey feature,you can hide/show your browser windows with the hotkey ALT+SPACE
    Added the progress bar to show the erasing processing
    optimized the speed of erasing cache and temp
    Removed the Tracks Viewer, because it may also be seen by others. (if you like this feature, you can download a @winspy from http://www.acesoft.net/winspy/  for free)

  • Tracks Eraser 3.02

     Added the Tracks Viewer feature
     Updated the Installation 
     Fixed 2 small bugs


  • Tracks Eraser 3.01

           Added support to AOL
           Added support to QuickTime
           Added support to  Winzip
           Added support to  Acrobat Reader

  • Tracks Eraser 3.0

           Added support to MSN
           Added support to Netscape
           Added support to  Opera
           More Stable

  • Tracks Eraser 2.0

    Added "Test Mode" features
    Hide icon on system tray option 
    Some bugs are fixed


  • Tracks Eraser 1.2

    Windows XP Support
    Added "Options" features in the settings of URls,Cookies and Plug-Ins
    Added Support MediaPlay Playlist
    Added support RealPlayer Playlist

  • Tracks Eraser 1.02

    Support Windows 2000,Windows NT
    Support Erase the IE Plug-Ins
    Added "Log" Features
    Added  MS Office Recent Documents Feature
    Fixed some bugs in this version. Now it is more stable.


  • Tracks Eraser 1.0

    Tracks Eraser 1.0 Released!




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